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    Watch Identification Please

    Can anyone give me a breakdown of Bigelow Kennard and Company's import of swiss watches and whether or not this timepiece is a Vacheron Constantin?

    From what I know, some of these retailers imported high quality swiss watches and clocks but had their name on the movements. I was told that this movement was made by Vacheron but was unsure. If it is indeed Vacheron, where would the name be located?

    Thanks everyone!
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    Re: Watch Identification Please

    The forum has a wonderful feature called "Search". People should learn about it. It came up with this ......


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    Re: Watch Identification Please

    Quote Originally Posted by Robmks View Post
    The forum has a wonderful feature called "Search". People should learn about it. It came up with this ......

    And it might help to get an overview of the various fora prior to posing.
    Thread moved to the more suitable forum.
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    Re: Watch Identification Please

    Looks like it was recased, but that's not uncommon; odds are the movement would have be bought and sold separate from the case anyway; most private label watches worked that way. The features of the movement do match up with known V&C's, and this was clearly a good quality movement regardless of the maker. The click design and use of five screws on the crown wheel is similar to that of (for instance) the one shown on Ranfft's pages (bidfun-db Archive: Pocket Watches, Jewelry Watches: 1057: Ladies Vacheron & Constantin Half-Hunter, Enameled 18K Gold, 188)

    Since there's a serial number, you could try contacting V&C directly.
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