A Watch That Makes Me More Aware
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Thread: A Watch That Makes Me More Aware

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    A Watch That Makes Me More Aware

    I picked up this 14k American Foundation For the Blind watch with an AS1790/92 recently and must say it makes me appreciate my good fortune. I wore the watch for one day and attempted to only tell the time by feel and was shocked at how difficult it was to not look at my watch. If you push the crown, the crystal and bezel open so you can feel the dial and the hands.

    It is easy to take our health and vision for granted, even the ability to admire the beauty of a watch. I realize there are more ways to appreciate beauty than just with vision but wearing this watch does make me understand just a little bit what it must be like to go through life using senses other than sight. I met and hired a young man a couple of years ago who lost his vision at the age of fourteen and he is an incredible inspiration with his independence and positive attitude. He recently graduated from a top notch university and is now working as a computer programmer. Just trying to tell the time by touch for a day is a challenge let alone all the tasks that without sight would be difficult. It's always a good time to be grateful but especially at this time of the year. And this watch will be put to good use as it was intended.

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    Re: A Watch That Makes Me More Aware

    An amazing story.mmarc.
    Your empathy and taste is obvious, but thanks for posting this beautiful watch as it makes us more aware also.

    Cheers, Bob.
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    Re: A Watch That Makes Me More Aware

    Not nearly as elegant as yours, but this is my grandfathers watch from I think the late 60s. He went blind fortunately after his retirement as a clothes designer and tailor ( hardening of the arteries they called it then.). Unfortunately he had taken up painting as a passion and of course had to give that up. I'm surprised to see that they also made such beautiful versions of Braille watches. Your watch is gorgeous.
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