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    West End Pocket watch+Longines machine

    hi All, I am new to the world of vintage watches, so kindly excuse my lack of knowledge. I am here to learn. I found this beautiful West End pocket watch which have Chronograph function + stop watch. The machine inside is inscribed "Longines". anyone knows if West End used Longines machine in their watches? The condition of the watch is very good and is working in perfect condition. Any idea how much should that watch cost? really appreciate all the help...

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    Re: West End Pocket watch+Longines machine

    West End definately used Longines movements in their wrist watches so I would
    think that they used them in their pocketwatches as well. These would be
    West Ends top of the range watches.

    It's impossible to give an idea how much such a watch should cost and it's a rule
    of this forum that no valuations are given....there's far to many variables.
    My best advice would be to check the internet and sites such as E-bay to get
    an idea of the price similar watches fetch...bearing in mind that condition can
    affect prices.

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