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    Picture What brand is this?

    Please let me know if you have any information about the watch shown below:

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    The only details I have are:

    14k golden case, "MK" logo at "12", "Incabloc", "17" (jewels), and "Siwss Made" at "6", numbered case back with gold mark.
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    Re: What brand is this?

    Is that a faint "responsibility" mark I see to the immediate left of the fineness mark? If so, any chance of seeing if you can make out the number inside it? Movement photos might help narrow down the date range too, although it looks like a pretty classic 60's design. An import code on the balance might help too.

    There was a import company in the states called "M-K Enterprises" in Chicago that was active in 1954...no indication that they ever used that as a watch brand though.
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