What brand is this watch ?!
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Thread: What brand is this watch ?!

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    What brand is this watch ?!

    Hello to everyone,

    I have been searching online to find some more information about a watch that was given to me by a family member, but unfortunately I didn't find any.
    As I am not a big expert of watches I have been struggling to find any information. This is why I finally decide to sign up and ask you guys if you know something more about this particular watch.
    There is no brand, or I don't see any particular trait that can tell me more. There is only on inscription "swiss made".
    And there is some serial numbers on the back, and I believe that I see a picture of lady bust ( not sure, maybe just pareidolia ) Have a look -
    Name:  IMG_20160128_084729_hdr.jpg
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    Any information will be helpful.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: What brand is this watch ?!

    Swiss made handwind chronograph of the 40s, let's see a pic of the movement. I am sure we can tell a lot more having seen the movement.
    Btw.: moved to our Vintage Forum, the more suitable place.
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    Re: What brand is this watch ?!

    Looking at the dial layout, case shape and general finish (pushers etc.) this appears to be, as said by Mike, a 40s Swiss chornograph. Lots of different companies made these, so it's very hard to tell from the generic dial exactly what this is.

    I'd guess (although I'd love to be proven wrong) that the movement won't give us too much to go on, as it is likely a Landeron given the positioning of the sub-dials. At the time this was made, there were many (several hundred) watch companies making similar things, all sourcing their parts from a handful of central suppliers and that makes these hard to identify without a brand name on the dial. Generally speaking, the watches are in a heavier metal inner casing, with a thin gold outer casing. This made them very susceptible to damage, and they normally show significant denting (thin gold is, after all, very soft), but yours seems to be in great condition.

    These watches were heavily marketed to soldiers in Europe, and export restrictions were relaxed for them to encourage business (my Grandfather brought back a similar Chronograph from WW2). This is reflected in the 'Telemetre' that you see at the top of the dial. A Telemeter scale is used to calculate distance by measuring the movement of sound relative to light, and was introduced for artillery ranging. The soldier would start the chronograph when the flash of an artillery shot was seen, then stop it when they heard the impact explosion. The scale around the edge of the dial would then be used to calculate how far away the artillery was being fired from.
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    Re: What brand is this watch ?!

    It sure looks like a Landeron watch and it has a gold case but the gold content number is worn away.

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    Re: What brand is this watch ?!

    Wow, that is really gorgeous!

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