What is a 'Marconi Lever'?

Thread: What is a 'Marconi Lever'?

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    Confused What is a 'Marconi Lever'?

    I saw this on another forum and wondered if the experts here knew anything about it:

    Seems to be about a WWI vintage man-size watch.

    Does 'Marconi Lever' mean a Swiss-lever watch made by somebody called Marconi, or is it a reference to a patented type of escapement?

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    Re: What is a 'Marconi Lever'?

    Hi -

    Ah, something that I can help with...

    If you look here and search on Marconi, you'll find this tidbit:

    Watches, Non-Magnetic, W.T.
    This instrument appears to have been promulgated by Paragraph 23829 amongst a small 1920/21 cluster of Paragraphs launching the Marconi Pattern 'W.T. Sets, motor pack'. Priced at £ l.3s.Od. in the 1940 Vocabulary, this pocket watch seems unlikely to have been of quality and its antimagnetic feature may have lain solely in a plated iron case. It was declared obsolescent during 1926 or 1927 by Paragraph A232l. The reasons for its re-introduction for "...all W.T. and Wireless complete stations..." by Paragraph A8531 (during March 1934), therefore, are as obscure as the watch's make-up, but just may have been economic. At all events, it was still in the List at 1954, and only deleted by a 1957 amendment of the Vocabulary.

    Hence the watch may be of this provenance, but there is this one as well (reference 117524, scroll down a bit), and actually looks more to be what you're showing. It is a watch retailed by the company Marconi.

    We need more pictures! If it is the first, then it has been modified to be worn as a wristwatch and is fairly mundane; if it is the second, then it's rather nicer and we need pictures!

    And it most likely is rather nicer: this links to a watch with basically the same movement, different engravement...

    And Marconi is apparently a sub-brand of Rolex. Around WW1.

    Dude, you got a Rolex!

    Now we reaaaaaaaaaaaalllly want pictures!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: What is a 'Marconi Lever'?

    Excellent research, John

    It looks like the enquirer on the other forum where I spotted it got the same answer from somebody else, too.


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