What Is This..... Thing? Mystery Movado...
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Thread: What Is This..... Thing? Mystery Movado...

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    Confused What Is This..... Thing? Mystery Movado...

    got this off the bay a few years ago. never did figure out what the original watch might have looked like before the face got so discolored...

    anybody got any ideas about what this looked like originally? or the era from which it came? how does one try to I.D. a watch like this when the movement has no serial # or anything?

    thanks for any help!
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    Re: What Is This..... Thing? Mystery Movado...

    Here's the movement of your watch:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Movado 260
    In case of a Movado, a serial number won't help you date the watch- there are no resources which would allow matching a Movado serial with a range of numbers corresponding to years of manufacture. That said, it would be a dead end.
    Indirect sweep second, no shock device- usually these details mean, that a watch was made somewhere between the early 1940s, and possibly very early 1950s. With a few exceptions. In this case, given the looks of the watch, I would say mid 1940s. The Ranfft archive gives us a "-1945". If it can be interpreted as "discontinued in 1945", you get a range from approximately...ummm...1940, maybe, until 1945.
    So, what you can know about your watch is: 1940s, cal. 260. No model name, I'm afraid, and pointing to the exact year of manufacture is- frankly- impossible. Maybe the watch can be found in some old catalogues or adverts.
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    Re: What Is This..... Thing? Mystery Movado...

    Oh, 1940s and cal 260.... I probably should have thought to check ranfft myself, but I'd have probably missed it. Thanks so much. Now at least I can google images of 1940s movados, and look for cal 260s, and at least maybe get an idea of what the dial might have looked like... I have checked a few vintage movado catalogs from the 40s, but the pictures are all small, and black and white, it's so hard to tell, even from the lug design...

    Thanks again!
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