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    What watch is this?

    Hi, I bought a watch yesterday at an antique market but it does not have a brand name and the seller didn't know much about it. Would anyone be able to tell me something about this watch just from seeing a few photos? It has a symbol at the top that looks like a shooting star. It is sterling silver and according to the seller, the stone is citrine.

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    Re: What watch is this?

    Welcome to Watchuseek. I am afraid that we won't be able to say much about that watch without clearer pictures, especially not without a picture of the movement inside. A decent watchmaker should be able to open it up and there may be the name of the maker on the movement. As it is, going by the box, it was probably bought at Cohen & Massias in Gibraltar and since they opened up in 1958, the watch should be more recent than that. To me, it looks ca. 1960s but these things have a somewhat timeless design and the central seconds hand (unusual in ladies' watches since they are so small) may well point to a manufacturing date somewhat later than that. It is a ladies' watch and these things are unfortunately not really sought after. If someone in the family would wear it, it should be serviced by a professional watchmaker (necessary every ten years or so) and it will run well for years to come.

    Hartmut Richter

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