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    what year?

    hey all digging through some of my bin of parts and bands i forgot i even had this its in rough shape but looked up the watch and found some war time watchs and this one looks similar the crown is broken and looks to have gotten wet but other than that looks to be an intresting watch military 24hr markers and says tavannes watersport any help with year and if it might be military would be helpful.
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    Re: what year?

    Hi -

    I've got no hard data, but it would be from the time period mid 1930s to late 1940s.

    The Tavannes is associated with Cyma (or was it the other way around?), and was a very solid smaller manufacturer. Note the anglage on the movement and the generally high quality of the watch in general: the three-fingered movement means the watch was designed for easy maintenance and of course 17 jewels was much more high-end back then.

    This would be a candidate for restoration, in my opinion: you'd need a new crystal and the problem with the crown, while fairly trivial, may be hard due to the relative paucity of parts, but shouldn't be a real show-stopper.

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    Re: what year?

    It's a Cyma alright - the movement is soemthing in the Cyma 030 series with a plate divided into two bridges:


    I believe the movement maker, located in Tavannes, took on that name and marketed its own watches primarily under the name Cyma. The company is sometimes referred to as Tavannes-Cyma. (Cf Brunner/Pfeiffer-Belli: "Wristwatches").

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