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    What's the best watch?

    All of these are running. I want to know which one to buy, because I can't decide. Based on condition, style and the quality of the specific watch.

    Personally I like the look of the first Pobeda Zim and the Vostok Kama the best, but I have no idea on quality. Also neither are in the best condition, I can't afford to spend a fortune getting them refinished and refurbished, but I want it to look its best.


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    Pobeda Zim:

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    Pobeda Zim:

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    Vostok Kama:

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    Re: What's the best watch?


    The stalwarts at the Russian Forum should give you more specifics, but I guess I'd answer some of your queries for the benefit of other members here.

    The first watch is fundamentally different from the others, as it has a Vostok 2214 movement; a fine piece of machinery which even found its way into many sports watches, including the earlier Amphibias. There is a certain funkiness in the design and it can be a little trickier to work on, but if it is serviced and working well then it should be quite enjoyable.

    Then, the subsequent watches use the Pobeda K-26 movement and derivatives. Pobeda was a brand shared by five manufacturers and made between 1946 and 2004, ZIM being the one who built it for the longest, and in a sense, truest to the original spirit, but later productions were re-engineered to facilitate automated production so their appearance is pretty rough. The Start is the small version by 2MWF and the movement should be in the classic Pobeda idiom too, the anodized aluminium case can get tatty like shown in the picture. Kama was a brand by Chistopol (now Vostok); a tough-as-nails watch with bayonet-fit caseback and shockproofing, which can be seen as Chistopol's answer to the Majak by 1MWF and St Pete.

    Basically, the watchword is condition, which also include authenticity. Personally I do not feel too comfortable with the two ZIM Pobedas, they have mismatched hands, and the gold plated brass second hand has its tail broken off.

    I feel that if you are not in a hurry to acquire, a bit more patience and vigilance should allow you to find cleaner examples at advantageous prices as well. In the mean time you can also try to learn about them as much as possible, that would enable you to sieve out the less-good examples and find the best bargains.

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