What's your opinion on J.G Graves?
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Thread: What's your opinion on J.G Graves?

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    What's your opinion on J.G Graves?

    I see a lot of J.G Graves "The Express English Lever" branded pocket watches on some popular auction sites, they are rather cheap so i'm considering buying one as a starter for Victorian era watches, i want a somewhat decent example as i may get my name engraved on it, and apparently spare parts are everywhere which also draws me in.

    Do they keep decent time and how much would servicing cost? and if you have any suggestions for cheap victorian watches (particular from the late 1800's, maybe from the early 1900's) then please do not hesitate to let me know.
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    Re: What's your opinion on J.G Graves?

    The only "cheap" ones I have seen are the broken ones. I'd rather have an Elgin or Waltham from the same time era. I think if you shop around, you would find a good deal in the same price range. And it would a lot easier to find parts if needed.

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