Where could I find a list of 'Rotary' releases c.a. 60s?
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Thread: Where could I find a list of 'Rotary' releases c.a. 60s?

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    Question Where could I find a list of 'Rotary' releases c.a. 60s?

    Alright, so, I just got a somewhat-vintage watch. It's not a fancy brand (Rotary), but it looks good and I like it, and it runs well. I'm not meaning to flip it or anything, but I am curious and would like to find out when it was made, what was the model etc.
    Now, I know this isn't a place for ID-ing watches (and that's cool, no worries), but is there any place on the web that does list what the company has made around the 1960s? I checked their current website, but the "retro" section only has a couple of pictures per decade at best, which don't quite look like the one I have, even. Is there some other repository of archives, or a pdf-ed advertlist, or something? Not knowing the full name of what I have really irks me for some reason.
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    Re: Where could I find a list of 'Rotary' releases c.a. 60s?

    I think that for a brand like Rotary, you don't have much chance without an ardent collector who has a database online or alternatively a catalogue for the period. However, bear in mind that many brands didn't and don't have all their watches in a "line" - e.g. Zenith had the "Port Royal", the "Pilot", the "Captain" and other watch lines but many of their watches were not in any line but had simple reference numbers. This could be the case with yours.

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