Who is behind A.E.S - a business partner of Georges Favre-Jacot around 1900
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Thread: Who is behind A.E.S - a business partner of Georges Favre-Jacot around 1900

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    Who is behind A.E.S - a business partner of Georges Favre-Jacot around 1900

    This puzzles me busy for quite a while and now a friend came around the corner with a pocket watch and the same question. Therefore I gues its a good idea to cry the question out in the hole world.
    Here are some Reinhilde's definetly made for the german market with german language on the dustcover

    The oldest one I found is a nice ladys watch and the only one without A.E.S. hallmark

    Name:  Reinhilde1.jpg
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    The case and the movementnumber are identcal (305456) inside a 12'' Zenith do his work (Personally for me it is more a minibillodes)

    Name:  Reinhilde2.jpg
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    The inscribtion of the duscover and the style as well as the identcal numbers date this watch between 1896 - 1900.

    The next one is a Gallonne with a 278 Zenithmovement:

    Name:  Reinhilde278duo.jpg
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    the dustcover proves that GFJ likes to write his name look at the second gold medal on top:

    Name:  Reinhilde278std.jpg
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    I don't know the movement number beyond the dial but with the casenumber 350063- 417 and the patent number on the movement 17358 which Georges Favre-Jacot has registratet at the 13.02.1899 this watch can quite surely datet 1901-1905.

    The next one is quite simular but another Zenithcaliber Nr.151111027 and Case number 26886334-2540
    Name:  REinhildebjoern.jpg
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    Notably I would date this watch and the following cause for this thread around 1910 and the medall win 1900 isn't mentioned on the dustcovers..unusual for Georges Favre-Jacot.

    Name:  DEtleAES.jpg
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    His watch has a NVS Zenith movement with the number 1679824 and the case number 2630242-6216. The dustcover is 100% identical o he one above and therefore without Grand Prix 1900 also.

    These four watches and some sights within the net document that it was a cooperation over at least 10 years with different "models". They are not very rare and volume should not be very smal. Because of the german inscription we search a big watchdealer or producent. Within some auctions they connect it to Alfred Eppner Silberberg. This would be fine but it lacks evidence doubts exist. Eppner was in this aera based on quality germans number two behind Lange. They build watches in Silberberg but they were sold in Berlin. Usually watches which was just trade own a sign of Eppner Brothers Berlin. Andreas/Mikrolisk wasn't able to find something with evidential value. May be someone here within the WUS can help that Reinhilde find her roots.

    Regards Silke

    Addition: Sorry for all the numbers. They are a special for a member here who don't clear his PIN list
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    Re: Who is behind A.E.S - a business partner of Georges Favre-Jacot around 1900

    Just an addition for the "search function":

    Found by a terrier and friend (Barney I owe you a beer) in Leipziger watchmaker newspaper from 1. Dezember 1900 (Leipzig a town in germany)

    A.E.S. = A. Eick Söhne a department store in Essen/ Germany.

    Google translator :
    Which heavy fighting the German watchmaking with the
    Advertising addiction of goods bazaars have to exist, of which a new
    Example of food! There is a department store of A. Eick sons,
    the makes the people outmost in blatant advertising
    and newspapers flooded with advertisements. In jewelery, gold goods,
    Watches u. S. W. want the house already offer "greater choice
    than the specialty stores "in place. As one should the owner
    once placed on the fingers. If this assertion is not the truth ,.
    so undoubtedly would be present unfair competition. have course
    A. Eick sons also the cheapest Gems! In Watches
    Women's watches. Men's Watches, Regulators, grandfather clocks, alarm clock u. S. W.
    to "the known low prices" recommended, in particular with
    a "first-class precision clock" "Reinhilde" and the "best
    Cylinderuhr "" industrial "publicity made. To more
    to attract customers, and the local goldsmiths and watchmakers
    to destroy the business, the company is on top of that to the incident
    come to establish a "pawnshop" and a "savings bank". Who
    laughs here? Anyway, we will deal with the company further
    and makes even a close examination
    can undergo from expert side. Then we'll talk
    us again!

    German orginal:
    Welche schweren Kämpfe die deutschen Uhrmacher mit der
    Reklamesucht der Warenbazare zu bestehen haben, davon ein neues
    Beispiel aus Essen! Dort ist ein Kaufhaus von A. Eick Söhne,
    das in marktschreierischer Reklame das Menschenmöglichste leistet
    und die Zeitungen mit Inseraten überflutet. In Juwelen, Goldwaren,
    Uhren u. s. w. will das Haus schon heute „grössere Auswahl bieten
    als die Spezialgeschäfte" am Platze. Da sollte man doch dem Inhaber
    einmal auf die Finger sehen. Wäre diese Behauptung unwah,.
    so läge zweifellos unlauterer Wettbewerb vor. Natürlich haben
    A. Eick Söhne auch die billigsten Edelsteine! In Uhren werden
    Damenuhren. Herrenuhren, Regulateure, Standuhren, Wecker u. s. w.
    zu „den bekannten billigen Preisen" empfohlen, und namentlich mit
    einer „erstklassigen Präzisionsuhr" „Reinhilde" und der „besten
    Cylinderuhr" „Industrie" Reklame gemacht. Um noch mehr
    Kunden anzulocken, und den dortigen Goldschmieden und Uhrmachern
    das Geschäft zu verderben, ist die Firma obendrein auf den Einfall
    gekommen, ein „Leihhaus" und eine „Sparbank" zu etablieren. Wer
    lacht da? Jedenfalls werden wir uns mit der Firma weiter beschäftigen
    und ihre Fabrikate einmal einer genauen Untersuchung
    von fachmännischer Seite unterziehen lassen. Dann sprechen wir
    uns wieder!

    Cheers Silke
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    Re: Who is behind A.E.S - a business partner of Georges Favre-Jacot around 1900

    Interesting stuff! To which I have nothing to add (I would be just at the start of any research in the matter and you seem to have completed it). But it's still nice to know, especially for a fan of the brand.....

    Many thanks for making the effort and posting the result here.

    Hartmut Richter
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