Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

Thread: Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

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    Question Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

    I'm looking for a sterling silver pocket watch that, if well cared for, will last forever. I don't mind spending $$$.
    Does anyone know if these brands are good quality:

    Charles Hubert Paris
    Bellagio del Tempo

    If not, can anyone recommend good names?

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    Re: Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

    Moved to the Vintage and Pocket watch forum, where you might get better help.

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    Re: Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

    That depends on what you want. Modern or antique?

    I haven't tried one, but I've heard good things about Charles Hubert.

    Of vintage pocket watches, there are all kinds of good brands out there. Hamilton, Waltham, Illinois, Elgin, South Bend, Ball, etc etc etc...I believe Patek Philippe, Rolex and Tissot make mechanical pocket-watches with silver cases, if you have the money, you can try there.

    I remember seeing a very nice Tissot hunter-case pocket-watch in a jewellery-shop window once. I didn't ask about it, but it looked silver, and came with a very nice silver (or stainless-steel) albert chain. The whole watch was complete with vintage styling.
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    Re: Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

    These are all Chinese based models I think which can be OK runners but wouldn't be really high quality.
    For a modern pocket watch I'd look for a Tissot I think.
    The Unitas 6497 and 6498 based pocket watch movements are still being made.
    Personally I never buy new pocket watches when the Vintage ones are so much better value. Look for Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham.
    No watch will last forever but a lifetime and then some isn't out of the question with proper maintenance.

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    Re: Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

    I would suggest purchasing a vintage or antique, if these pocketwatches are still going after 80, 90 or 100 years there can't be much wrong with the quality and if looked afer will continue for a further 100 years and at the worst hold there value.
    As to what to buy check is it working, is the case and dial in good condition and last but not least do you like the look of it.
    As an example i own a Doxa Silver Pocketwatch circa 1902 Value= $300
    also a Longines Silver Chronograph Pocketwatch circa 1899 Value= $3,500
    Both give me equal pleasure and enjoyment and still amaze me with there quality.
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    Re: Who's a really good pocket watch maker?

    Quote Originally Posted by susanava View Post
    If not, can anyone recommend good names?

    (OK, so what do you expect from a Zenith forum co-moderator?! But seriously, Zenith are well known for the quality of their pocket watches, both old and new. Among the new ones, there are those with the Cal. 5011 K. As for the older ones, there are plenty still about. Check out:


    Hartmut Richter

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