Wire/Solid Lug Straps
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Thread: Wire/Solid Lug Straps

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    Wire/Solid Lug Straps

    Good evening!

    Today I received an Ingersoll Wrist from 1930.

    It's in pretty good condition, and is running well. Although the non-original Speidel is appropriate to the watch (they were originally sold with metal bracelets), I think I'd prefer to wear it with a leather strap.

    Does anyone have some sources for wire/solid lug straps? I don't really care for Bund straps, and I would prefer two-piece, but any and all suggestions are welcomed. The opening is 14mm.

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    Re: Wire/Solid Lug Straps

    I've bought a couple of open-ended straps from RLT Watches that were decent. There are many other on-line sellers so it should not be too hard to find something at the right price.

    Alternatively you might consider a one-piece nylon strap of some kind, Perlon or grossgrain. Perlon has the advantage that it can be compressed slightly through the lugs and spread outside so that it looks wider than the lug width and is perhaps more comfortable.
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    Re: Wire/Solid Lug Straps

    That vintage ad is very insightful. Back in the early days of wrist watches, companies were promoting smaller watches as better and more modern then pocket watches. Men found them more technologically advanced(even though the early wrist watches were just recased ladies pocketwatch movements (6/0 or 3/0 size) because the parts to make the watch work were smaller.

    Contrast that with today's gym clock sized watch.

    As for the strap, a 14mm strap is going to look funny on the watch. Ether use a Bund style strap or a nylon/leather nato strap.
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