Won't wind further, won't run...??

Thread: Won't wind further, won't run...??

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    Confused Won't wind further, won't run...??


    I bought a lot of watches today from an auction and am going through them. There are several manual mechanical watches which cannot be wound any further -- when I tried to get them going they were already jammed as wound as they could go. The crown will click back towards me but that does nothing to power the watch. I can pull the crowns out to adjust the hands but that's it! Anyone know if there's anything that can be done for them?

    There's also a Bulova that's automatic and the stem won't catch at all to wind it nor adjust the hands. It's in generally terrible condition so I will probably just put it on ebay for parts and see if anyone is interested.

    On the upside, there were a couple decent Raketas and a very old Elco "Watermatic" (???) that still run. The manual Timex and pendant Craba/Slava which I quite like are unfortunately two of the ones that are jammed! :(

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    Re: Won't wind further, won't run...??

    They may not be "jammed". They may just need a good service. As long as the balance is in good shape and all the parts are good, it will be a simple job. It does not take much to keep a watch from running.

    Pics are good too..... we like pics.

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    Re: Won't wind further, won't run...??

    If you have purchased a large number of low-end watches, it may not be financially practical to repair all of them since the cost to repair each one can be substantially more than the value of that watch.

    If there are one or two that are better than the others, maybe it would be a good idea to start with those and then decide how you want to proceed after that.
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    Re: Won't wind further, won't run...??

    Yeah, I won't be repairing the lot anytime soon. There are a couple that don't run that I'll probably hang onto. I have a couple watches I love that already need servicing.
    I'd like to learn how to service a watch in the long run.

    I just had a bit of a wtf moment... There was this big yellow Corum watch that I didn't think much of and was surprised when I looked it up that it's a Corum Bubble watch and actually worth a few hundred. I couldn't believe it because it seemed cheap to me. Welp, pop the back off and it says "made in China, Japan movement" on the inside and Swiss made on the outside :P

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