The world's most accurate mechanical clock
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Thread: The world's most accurate mechanical clock

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    The world's most accurate mechanical clock

    The Gurney clock is being moved from it's home and is in need of a new one
    Norwich’s Gurney Clock faces unclear future after being removed from Castle Mall - News - Eastern Daily Press
    My local rag has a nice piece on it and a nice article with Simon, my watchmaker, who is responsible for the upkeep of the clock.
    I've already offered to give it a new home but apparently I'm not allowed


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    Re: The world's most accurate mechanical clock

    That`s a shame,i think if we had a clock like that in my home town,i would make excuses to visit the mall to see it in action.
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    Re: The world's most accurate mechanical clock

    That's a cool clock. Hopefully it gets placed where people can still enjoy it.
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    Re: The world's most accurate mechanical clock

    There is a fast, easy and practical solution: Give the clock to Barclays Bank!

    They have a place, which is safe (better protected than anything around the clock), enough public traffic, giving the clock the highest attention, and enough money to pay for anything.

    It would be a nice attraction to everybody’s benefit (ownership kept by the city) at one of their branches in Norwich (formerly Gurney’s Bank) with a sign on the showcase:

    ‘The world's most accurate mechanical clock, a gift made (year?) to the city of Gurney on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Gurney’s Bank’.
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