Is this worth doing anything with?

Thread: Is this worth doing anything with?

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    Is this worth doing anything with?

    Hello all,
    I picked up a pile of pocket watches today, and this was amongst them. Not sure if this WG mark on the movement means anything or not. The 800 silver case was not even that, and was pretty leery of the Breguet mark on the dust cover. Just thought I'd ask before it goes into my pile of Swiss movements. Thanks all in advance.

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    Re: Is this worth doing anything with?

    It looks to me like it's had some work . Might be fun to play with. Once again mikrolisk saves the day , WG would be Walther Gebel.

    Walther Gebel Uhrwerke, Gehäuse; St.-Imier, Schweiz; registriert am 10.2.1888

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