WWII Waltham Ord Dept 6/0 b watch/case parts

Thread: WWII Waltham Ord Dept 6/0 b watch/case parts

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    WWII Waltham Ord Dept 6/0 b watch/case parts

    Greetings all, I have found this forum to be a wealth of knowledge already, however am having lots of trouble locating a few replacement parts for a watch I have recently acquired. The watch in question is a Waltham 6/0 b movement in a Keystone case marked KW2. Unfortunately, the watch did not have the case back with it, the dial leaves a bit to be desired, and if I am gong to have parts changed, I may as well look for a clean crystal. That being said, I am hoping that the team here can help me locate a source for some of the parts. I believe that I have the dial sourced already, so that is not an issue as I see it.
    I do need to find a case back however. I am not initially concerned with it being ord dept marked (at first, just need a back that fits it). Can anyone advise me of case back compatibility and possibly a source for a compatible case back?
    Also, I do not see that this watch had the dust or waterproof caps on the inside as other manufacturers did, am I correct in this?
    Anyone have a good idea about what crystal I should get to fit this? (I may have to get a micrometer and measure, I am good with that, I just figured I would ask if anyone happened to know....)
    Also, what other parts am I missing, watch is loose in case, I think I must be missing case screws as well?
    So, here is the watch, sorry for the terrible pics... If it is necessary I can retake and finish better I had to crop down because of the upload limit... All help is greatly appreciated!

    Don't be afraid to tell me not worth the hassle either... I suppose I could buy one, but I enjoy getting to know something I own...
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    Re: WWII Waltham Ord Dept 6/0 b watch/case parts

    Just out of curiosity, are you sure this is an Ord watch? The 17j Waltham ORD watchs were mostly issued by the airforce in waterproof cases; only the earlier ones came with that style of case, and yours dates to 1945. Yes, there would normally be case screws securing the movement to the case, which means we'd expect to see screw marks on the case; are they there? The hands and dial are consistent with the ORD watches, so it could have been transplanted to a new(er) case.

    Trying to find a "ORD" marked caseback is probably a wasted effort; any that existed would have long since been grafted onto a watch and sold as a genunine WWII military watch...the movements are far more plentiful then the cases.
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    Re: WWII Waltham Ord Dept 6/0 b watch/case parts

    The watch case is marked kw2, it is definitely possible it is a transplant. I do not see marks for the case screws.

    Do you personally think it is worth pursuing an amateur restoration?

    Any idea about a source of screw on case backs (aftermarket or original is good for me at this point)

    Knowing what you do, is it feasible for this movement to be installed in this case properly?

    All help greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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