Wyler Incaflex Dynawind - clear case back, normal?
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Thread: Wyler Incaflex Dynawind - clear case back, normal?

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    Wyler Incaflex Dynawind - clear case back, normal?

    I attended an estate sale where I had spotted an Omega, though passed on it due to heavy wear and high price.

    However, I saw a very tidy Wyler Incaflex blue-dialed Dynawind with a clear, transparent caseback. I am guessing the watch is from the late 50s or early 60s. I am kicking myself for not taking a photo to post here. I made an offer of $50, so we'll see.

    Anyway, I thought transparent casebacks were more modern adaptation, not something done in the 50s.


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    Re: Wyler Incaflex Dynawind - clear case back, normal?

    There were some production models with a transparent back during that period (Omegas with "Kleerback" hesalite case backs for the US market, for one), although they were somewhat uncommon. There are three possibilities as to why it has one:
    1. "Salesman sample", used by retailers to demonstrate the movement to potential buyers.
    2. An actual production model
    3. The original back was removed, and a) was replaced with a hesalite crystal b) a new case back has been made for it, and thus is not original to the watch.
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    Re: Wyler Incaflex Dynawind - clear case back, normal?

    When I was !2, I saw a transparent back Wyler at our jewelers. Fell for the visible rotor. Received it as a present that year. I am now 72. You do the math. BTW this began my lifelong fascination with watches. Currently into Elgin 760s and Accuquratzes
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