Yet another HMT Pilot is introduced to you all

Thread: Yet another HMT Pilot is introduced to you all

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    Yet another HMT Pilot is introduced to you all

    I know, I know. And it it isnt even vintage strictly speaking. But for all intents and purposes it is. This beauty is a brand new old style HMT Pilot black dial model with a one year warranty. I looks much better in reality than in the dealers photos. It is a subtle looking watch. Very understated. If a beefy looking watch like this can said to be naive, I'll say it. The way the case seems to constructed, is that the full lug length is stamped out and then it is hand cut to create the lugs. So each lug is a slightly different size, and there is a slight waver to one or two as they were cut back to the main body of the case. Real hand work and kind of charming. Came with a decent enough HMT croc style black band. I understand the new model has less dominant hour markers etc and it works really well. So it is also not just another 60s watch in style. It does have a very distinctive flair.Very nicely put together indeed. So far in the day Ive had it, no problems, well thats no shock. I will say this though...its tough to wind. Wonder if any other owners of the brand new models have had the same problem? Well thats my 2 cents so far, on Pilots. P&P
    P.S. As Ive edited this (next morning) so far the time keeping is on the money, off by a few seconds or so. Thanks for the remarks so far.
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    Re: Yet another HMT Pilot is introduced to you all

    Congrats pretty good watches for the money you pay. hows it running so far or the other you bought.

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    Re: Yet another HMT Pilot is introduced to you all

    Plain, simple and old fashioned, and certainly none the worse for that Very nice. Interestingly I saw another advert claiming it was environmentally friendly as it was with radium ???

    I had a quick look on the HMT India site and I can't see a noticeable difference to that shown and yours, RMP in India is 925 INR, or 9.75/$16.26, so you can't complain about value for money!
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