Zenith NVSI 12 ligne - need hands

Thread: Zenith NVSI 12 ligne - need hands

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    Zenith NVSI 12 ligne - need hands

    well I was toodling around a local junk shop and found an old gem of a Zenith trench watch.

    The movement is an NVSI 12 ligne

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    The movement is really running well - i think it was recently serviced because the glob of grease on the winding stem is clean and new looking.

    The odd things are that the dial doesnt seem to have any traces or sign of ever having been lumed? Did these watches ever get issue without lume?The case itself is sterling silver from the AWC case Co - seems odd to bring a precious metal into battle. So even though the serial number puts it at 1917/1918 I don't know if this watch ever saw the trenches. Either way its a neat little find.

    Also the only remaining hand doesnt appear to be old enough - cant really tell

    anyway Im looking to get a new set of hands but I cant seem to find any specs for the watch hands for this movement. Does anyone have a link or a specification sheet?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Zenith NVSI 12 ligne - need hands

    That is definitely a military watch. I am not sure whether it is already a "Zenith Special" but it certainly doesn't say so on the dial. The dial should be lumed but the lume has long flaked off. The examples in Rössler show that the remaining hand is original but the crown certainly isn't - it should be a bulbous "onion" crown (and should stick out a bit, for easier winding with thick leather gloves on). The ones in Rössler are based on a 15''' movement so yours may well not be a pilot watch but have been made for the trenches.

    Hartmut Richter

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