Zodiac Spacetronic, circa 1960's

Thread: Zodiac Spacetronic, circa 1960's

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    Question Zodiac Spacetronic, circa 1960's

    I recently bought some coins at an estate sale, and mixed in the collection was a wrist watch.
    The lady told me it was a Zodiac Spacetronic. She bought it for her son in high school, back in the mid 1960's. He wore it less than 5 times, the kids teased him, and it's been sitting in a draw ever since.
    I put a new battery in it, and it runs like a champ. I intend to replace that cheesy band with a nice leather one BTW.
    Anyone know much about these? Does it have any collector value?

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    Re: Zodiac Spacetronic, circa 1960's

    Congrats on your find. Would look great with brown leather strap. Don't know much about these but someone will come along

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    Re: Zodiac Spacetronic, circa 1960's

    Hi there.

    Looking at the case, I would say it's been worn more than 5 times!

    Here is a good link:


    Does yours have a similar case back? As it would be nice to see the Dynotron movement! As Joe says (and in the link), it would look good on a dark brown leather strap!

    As for the brand, I have seen many new zodiac watches for sale, but I'm unsure if these are being made by the same company, or if the brand has been sold on!

    Always like the crosshair logo on these watches.... Great find!
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    Re: Zodiac Spacetronic, circa 1960's

    New Zodiacs are made by the company that owns Fossil - Genender -who bought the brand after it went bankrupt. There is a strong market for some vintage Zodiacs, but not everyone goes for these early electronic watches - especially if they're not working.

    Have a look at this site: Vintage Zodiacs

    Nice looking watch.
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