This watch was sold to me as a display model, with handling marks only, no wear. I believe that description -- watch is basically mint condition -- but with one glaring flaw, a nick in the bezel between 6-7.

I sized up the bracelet to see if I could live with the size of the watch. I can't, so it's getting flipped. Bracelet is sized for loose wear on 7" wrist -- one extra link included. and with adjustment holes on clasp, should fit up to around a 7.5" wrist, maybe a touch more.

Supposed display use + about 10 minutes of wear after sizing the bracelet. Aside from the scratch on the bezel, no other marks on the watch, otherwise looks brand new. The flaw itself is exaggerated in the image and my description here -- IRL, you will definitely notice it in some lighting, at some angles, but otherwise disappears. And really, you'll do more damage to the overall condition in the first month of solid wear than this -- bracelet and clasp, case sides and back, crown, crystal, all otherwise perfect condition.

Includes full(ish) kit -- outer box, inner box, instruction booklet with (blank) warranty card, watch, extra link. No hang-tags.

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