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    Question 1000T Questions

    I am the new proud owner of a 750T Sharkhunter Military edition. I snuck in before the price increase. Before the Doxa, the $ 200 I paid for my Seiko Black Monster was the most I had ever spent on a watch.

    Now I find myself bitten by the ORANGE bug. As a returning customer, I think I have a bit of time to get another one at the old prices. I like the overall look of the 1000T, but I do have a couple of questions for those of you lucky enough to have one in your possession.

    Is the Bracelet 20mm? I like to run on a rubber strap every once in a while, but find the 750T strap uncomfortable, so I'm thinking that the strap for the 600T would fit.

    How orange is the orange? I have seen pictures, but the color sometimes looks washed out like the Orange Monster orange. I was hoping it would scream DOXA!

    And finally, am I insane? The wife thinks so...

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    Re: 1000T Questions

    I think I posted this in the wrong spot. Late nights and watch posts don't mix.

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    Re: 1000T Questions

    You're normal, I've started dreaming of a orange doxa too but meanwhile, the orang monster is it....

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