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    Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company

    Thanks Martin. This sounds like a sensible and practical beginning. It's nice to know that the company is approachable and not just a name on the dial. You can count on me to help in any way.

    I appreciate all of your efforts in this matter. And, may I say, contrary to the belief of a few members, I had absolutely nothing to do with any of the behind the scenes work in arranging and setting up the contact with Sinn.

    The thanks for all of this goes out to those of you who have petitioned Martin to contact Sinn about these matters and to Martin who has, on his own time, put up much time and effort in arranging this.

    My gratitude goes out to all of you.

    Sinn Forum Moderator

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    Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company

    Hi Martin

    Fantastic work.

    Count me in on that visit!

    コスト下げ やる気も一緒に 下げられる

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    Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company


    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader
    We established that for the time being, the moderators will pass on specific questions raised on the forum to a contact at Sinn, from which point on the question will be routed to whichever department of Sinn will be appropriate, and will be publicized on the forum through the moderators.
    sounds like a very practical approach. Thanks for accepting that extra work.


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    Question Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company

    I have a specific question for Sinn that is a little controversial.

    *************** EDITED

    To anonymous SinnFan:

    I have edited your post in accordance with what I wrote earlier in the thread about the specific character of this thread, and the rules to be observed here.

    The establishment of a direct channel of communication between Sinn and the Forum should not be taken to mean that the moderators are willing intercede with Sinn on behalf of individual forum members in disputes, or will take responsibility for decisions that are Sinn's alone. This is a watch forum, not the Sinn customer relations department.

    Forwarding your enquiry to Sinn by the moderators, as requested by you, would necessarily lend your message more weight than it would otherwise have (is this, perhaps, why you chose to post your issue on the forum rather than contacting Sinn directly in the first place? ), and both my co-moderator and I are averse to seeing the forum, and the newly established channel of communication, used to that effect.

    I hope you understand that we as moderators prefer not to become a party to your dispute with Sinn by seeming to endorse the validity of your argument and thereby compromise our neutrality.

    Having said that, the establishment of the direct contact between the Forum and the Sinn company should not be taken to mean that other, individual channels of communication have been superseded by this development. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to e-mail Sinn directly at [email protected] with your enquiry and take the matter up with them directly.

    Last edited by Crusader; May 6th, 2006 at 23:48. Reason: See above

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    Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company

    Thanks Martin for the update. Do keep us posted if there are new developments, certainly appreciate what you are doing for us in WUS- Sinn Forum.

    As to my good friend, Tim, I think you are doing a fine job too.

    Keep up the good effort, the both of you, please!


    Kool Cat

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    Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company

    I agree with you. A traslation of the web site will be great.

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    Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company

    Relations with the Sinn Company have markedly deteriorated ... please see my post here.

    I am not sure to which extent the International Sinn Forum will be able to receive privileged technical or other information from Sinn.

    We'll just play it by ear.

    Martin ("Crusader")

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    Re: The Sinn Forum and the Sinn Company

    Is there a good place to get the history surrounding the 1974 partial acquisition of breitling?

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    New Sinn watch owner.

    Happy about an english spoken official Sinn forum.

    I want them to start a webbased ServiceCenter that takes care of Service bookings - transport and insurance deals and kommunikation during/about service over mail and SMS.

    We register at that center with all data that is neccesary for quality communication.

    I have detailed ideas on how I as customer would like it to work.

    Exchange of thought and ideas can be of rich mutual benefite for customers and for Sinn watch and business developers.

    The service isssue - not being able to go down to my local dealer and get a basicservice - have put me off for couple of years from purchasing Sinn.
    But sinnce a while back I am proud owner.

    Best Regards

    Kein U(1)nsinn

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