Breitling Seawolf A17330 - What to look for on fakes?
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Thread: Breitling Seawolf A17330 - What to look for on fakes?

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    Wink Breitling Seawolf A17330 - What to look for on fakes?

    Hello all!

    Tomorrow I plan on taking a look at a watch for sale and I would like any hints on how to make sure Im dealing with the real deal. The guy does not have the box and papers anymore, and I wont make a move unless I feel confident about it.

    We will meet at a local watchmaker, but is not experienced enough to be sure if the watch is legit, so I'll try to get some good pics.

    I know Breitling movements have some numbers engraved and I would like some hints as to what these number should look like and where they are located on a 2824 movements. I will also pay attention to lume and dial details. Right now I am mostly interested in learning about the differences between a good replica and an original Breitling 2824 movement.

    Any tips are appreciated :)

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    Re: Breitling Seawolf A17330 - What to look for on fakes?

    I think once it's opened up, it should be pretty easy to tell.

    The finish, engravings, pull up a google image of the movement to compare it. That is what I would do, but I am extremely inexperienced when it comes to buying watches. Maybe someone more experienced could chime in.

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    Re: Breitling Seawolf A17330 - What to look for on fakes?

    The best way to know for sure is to take it to someone who specializes in the watch. So, if the guy where you're meeting at seems to think it's legit and he seems trustworthy that's frankly more than anyone online will be able to say. I think you'll know if the deal seems sketchy, and don't be afraid to back out if something feels off.
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    Breitling Seawolf A17330 - What to look for on fakes?

    From the outside it‘s nearly impossible to spot the fake. Especially when it‘s put on a gen Breitling rubber strap.
    I‘m speaking of the so called H-fac 1:1 replica. You will note some fine differences side by side but without opening the watch you probably won’t be able to tell which is which. Maybe the AR coating looks a bit more blueish on the gen.
    Those reps mostly are equipped with a golden standard eta2836 or a cheap DG2813 which you will spot by the stuttering seconds hand running @ 21600bph.
    The real thing has got a finely decorated rhodinized eta2824 movement inside with matching serial number on the printed papers.

    The cheaper reps have got flaws on the dial printing and the so called „flag pole 1“ at the bezel digits 10 and 15.

    This 1:1 rep is really high end and of outstanding quality. All parts are interchangeable with the gen counterparts. If someone changes the movement against a chance! Even He valve is functional.

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