need some help deciding on watch

Thread: need some help deciding on watch

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    need some help deciding on watch

    Hi -

    I posted a similar question in the main forum.

    I am in the process of selecting my first automatic. I was planning on buying a new 300m TAG Aquaracer (WAN211x).

    But as I was researching watches on here, I realized I could buy a used Breitling for close to the same money as a new Aquaracer.

    So my question is this, and I realize this is a Breitling forum and alot of people dislike TAG's:

    Which would you buy:

    An 8 or 9 year old Breitling Superocean Pro that just was serviced at Breitling USA, great condition, all papers and boxes.

    A 2004 Superocean that was also recently serviced....papers but no boxes, and its a little more expensive than the other Superocean.

    A 2005 Steelfish X-Plus, all papers & boxes but hasnt been serviced.

    or finally, a new Aquaracer 300m?

    All 4 choices are close to the same price. The Steelfish is the most expensive - and it is the newest of the pre-owned watches.

    And assuming that those pre-owned watches are in good condition, around what would they sell for?

    Thanks for your help...I will probably post this in the dive forum or the TAG forum also.


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    Re: need some help deciding on watch

    Tough call. Id go with the Fish if it were serviced.
    Current brands in the rotation...Breitling, Omega, Oris, Tissot

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    Re: need some help deciding on watch

    Quote Originally Posted by jbbighorn View Post
    Tough call. Id go with the Fish if it were serviced.
    How about a 2002 Superocean Professional, with the following service done at Breitling:

    new satin rhodium handset; movement clean, lube and adjust; pressure test; new bezel springs and full polish.

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    Re: need some help deciding on watch

    If its just auto you're looking for, you cant go wrong with either breitling. it will help if you have some criteria in choosing, size perhaps, looks, dial color, etc...
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    Re: need some help deciding on watch

    When looking at the price you should consider the potential service cost also.
    At 5-6 years the watch may need one soon. This should be included in the total.

    Of the ones you mention I would go for the Steelfish simply because it looks better IMO.
    In any case Breitling is top notch quality, so any of these will make you very happy I'm sure.
    The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon. -Sun Tzu

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