New Underwood 12 Module Winder - A New Home for my B Collection!! + Updated Collection Pic

Thread: New Underwood 12 Module Winder - A New Home for my B Collection!! + Updated Collection Pic

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    Gift New Underwood 12 Module Winder - A New Home for my B Collection!! + Updated Collection Pic

    So I got the ultimate gift from a customer/friend of mine who I have done some business with this year. He is an ex-Breitling nut who once had a nice watch collection but sold off most of it and only kept a couple pieces. He had no use for this kind of winder and when he found out I have a lot of B's in my collection he gave it to me as a gift!!

    I was both very surprised and very excited to receive the Underwood-London 12 Module (Rotobox) winder and absolutely love the look of this thing. It is nice and compact, and it has the "perfect" number of modules for my collection as there are 12 individual Rotobox units. Although I have 13 B's in my collection, one is always on the wrist - which leaves the other 12 to go in the Underwood!

    The winder is absolutely incredible as far as quality. Each module has a removeable insert to house the watches that far exceeds the quality of the inserts on my previous Eilux winders (which are also really nice, as well!!). Each module is also completely removeable and can operate on its own by battery power. This is great for travel. The quality of the brown leather on the box is incredible, as is the quality of glass on the front of the unit and the silver knobs.

    The Underwood comes with a preset winding program that winds the watches both clockwise and counterclockwise on a four hour cycle (with three hours of rest time). While there is control over whether or not to turn an individual unit on or off (this way I can have my Quartz B's in there for "display only," not winding), there is no control over the winding program or turns per day. The default program is meant to wind every kind of watch, which it surely does do. However, I determined that the default program is a little excessive for my B's, so I attatched the winder to a digital timer before plugging it in that keeps it off for 8 hours of the day. This way the watches are not getting excessively wound. I also saw on Underwood-London's site that they are working on a chip that goes into the Rotorbox units that allows for further customization of the TPD (winding program) and winding direction for the individual unit. This chip will be offered as an upgrade to current Underwood owners, and I will certainly look into this in the near future.

    What do you guys think of the new home for my B collection??
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    Stunning, and a truly great gift, you're very lucky, 13 Bs, handsome module and the vintage Strats!

    P.S. Wouldn't mind seeing some pics of those either.

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    Re: New Underwood 12 Module Winder - A New Home for my B Collection!! + Updated Collection

    that's one heck of a winder--amazing!

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