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    I am looking forward to receiving my first 2 ANONIMO's A Steel Nautilo and a Militare Drass 10 Year Anniversary. My big concern is straps. As a Panerai guy, I love the collection of straps i have built up, and the fact that I can swap and change to look of my watches easily and frequently. As a 'newbie' Anonimo owner, I am starting from scratch, and what is more, these strap are unique, with the cutouts for lug, and winder etc. ALSO...I am quite a big guy and like my straps are my questions.
    1-are the straps that come with ANONIMO's of a decent length so that i can wear straight away?....i hope they are not stupidly small, so that I have to wait to purchase straps that fit.2/ where is a good place to buy aftermarket straps for these watches?...and is there a second hand market, where straps are reasonably priced? i do not have a lot of money these days, but would like to try to have a couple of alternative straps to wear. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Advice: ANONIMO STRAPS

    I have a yellow Millimetri on a black Kodiak strap and I have 7.25" wrists. I think the strap could be a little longer. I have about 1" of tail sticking out past the buckle when strapped. I have considered putting other straps on but I haven't wanted to mess with screws to change it out.

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    Re: Advice: ANONIMO STRAPS

    Any competent strap maker can make good straps for either watch at reasonable prices--Toshi has made several for me, as well as Gunny, among many others. Personally, I don't really like the Kodiak straps all that much--they are quite expensive despite the fact that they look like they are made assembly line fashion, are a bit too thin, and a bit too smooth for my tastes.
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    Re: Advice: ANONIMO STRAPS

    I have 7.5" wrists and fine the stock Kodiaks adequate in length on the Millemetri, but a bit small on by 'Big 1'. The extra width of the case makes it a bit short when the weather heats up and I need to loosen it so I'll most likely change it out over the summer.

    Toshi makes great straps. They're quite thick so keep that in mind if trying to fit them under a cuff, but he's great to work with and I really enjoy his products.
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