Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

Thread: Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

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    Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

    I saw this while browsing the Bay Anonimo Opera Meccana Cronoscopio Desert Chrono DayDate | eBay

    I am 110% sure that something is "not quite right" with this piece. Any other thoughts?

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    Re: Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

    This is a new design I have not seen before.
    What is the story?
    It is a combination of several componants.
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    Re: Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

    Here is a link to the only Desert Crono I have ever seen: Anonimo, Anonimo Watch, Anonimo Desert Chrono, Anonimo Watches

    The red dial Desert Crono is listed on the Anonimo price list: AnonimoUSA - The Tradition Continues - Price Lists
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    Re: Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

    That is one ugly dial.

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    Re: Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

    without a doubt one of the ugliest anonimos ive seen........

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    Re: Anonimo "Desert Chrono" - GRAIL of ALL GRAILS??!

    Not sure what the point of this thread is, but the seller is legitimate, and sells authentic goods--sometimes at very good prices. Although I am not a fan of a chronograph on any watch made by any brand, I don't see anything particularly offensive about this one.
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