Anonimo Militare Automatico - To Ox-Pro or Not?

Thread: Anonimo Militare Automatico - To Ox-Pro or Not?

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    Anonimo Militare Automatico - To Ox-Pro or Not?

    I am smitten with the Militare Automatico but can't decide if I want the SS or the Ox-Pro. This will be my first Anonimo and probably the only one in my collection as it will use up most of my funds.

    That being said, if you were in my shoes, would you choose the SS blasted version or the Ox-Pro? I am leaning toward the Ox-Pro since it is a unique finish and an additional step to make the case that much nicer, but I hear it can scratch and fade. Also, which versions of the Militare Automatico (black dial) come with the shiny sub-seconds dial vs the regular black?
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    Re: Anonimo Militare Automatico - To Ox-Pro or Not?

    I was just in your shoes, and decided I would track down a Militare Crono in the blasted finish (I ended up stumbling across a San Marco instead and went for that, but will still most definitely look to add a Militare in the future). I haven't seen Ox-Pro in person as yet, but I did have a Drass Millemetri. It is a beautiful finish, and despite mine having some scuffs on it, it is quite tough and a scratch will not show up the same as it would on a regular PVD coating.

    However, the reason I was looking for the blasted case instead was the different textures on show, and I wanted to try it out. I still think it would hold up even better than Ox-Pro/Drass to blemishes, but it's an interesting one as from what I'm aware of the blasted finish is not easily replicated should you damage it. Attached is a pic where you can see some of the marks on my old Millemetri. None of these were my doing though so not sure how hard you have to knock it to get such blemishes.

    As for your second question, I believe the Militare 2004 first edition was available with the shiny sub-dial, and the 2004 final edition had the non-shiny dial but I could well be mistaken.
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    Re: Anonimo Militare Automatico - To Ox-Pro or Not?

    Interesting, I always wondered what Drass was. As a rule, the darker the finish, the more scratches stand out. In my opinion, the best finish is still plain SS. It can take more abuse and it's probably easier to buff out. You'll probably have to take it to Anonimo either way, though since buffing a sandblasted finish will obviously ruin it.
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    Re: Anonimo Militare Automatico - To Ox-Pro or Not?

    I would go with Ox-Pro, or better yet, Drass. The Militare wears large, so I believe a Drass case would be especially nice on this piece.

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