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    Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    Hi guys,
    my name is Carlo and I'm Italian., sorry for my Ita-English!!
    I hope to make myself understood!! Please be patient in case I’ll be not so clear!
    Me and my friend Filippo we wold like to propose an initiative we hope you’ll appreciate…
    Directly with Anonimo we are verifying the possibility to create an Anonimo watch in limited edition!
    The watch will be not completely new, but a VARIANT OF A MODEL OF ANONIMO realized for this occasion and just for this occasion!
    We are just now deciding if the watch will be a “just time” or a chronograph. The “process” is just started and at this time we do not have some other info. In the next few days we could give more details.
    At this time we can say:
    1) the watch will be in “limited edition”, probably with a new dial respect to the watches produced, and some new characteristics;
    2) the watch will be produce by Anonimo, and guaranteed directly to Anonimo;
    3) the number of the watches we would like to realize is at this moment not clear, but in any case we think not more than 50 watches;
    4) the price is at this moment not clear. It depends on the type of watch (chronograph or not) and on the number realized.
    If someone is interested in this initiative, please let us know!
    I know that the information is not so clear at this moment, but in few days we will have more detail and, we hope, the first pictures of the watch!
    For us, at this time is important to understand if a similar initiative could be attractive or not…!!
    In case we do not find interest, we will reduce the number of watch realized.
    Many thanks for all!
    Bye for now!

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    Thumbs Up Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    Some ideas:
    Bronze case
    Special dial variation of the Polluce or Millimetri
    New style strap like on the Magnum with the new strap change system
    Black or some dark colored dial
    New style hands, not the ball and stick version
    Bronze buckle
    Display back

    Good luck with the project.

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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    I'd be interested to see where this goes Carlo.

    I'd love the bronze case as well and keeping it simple without chronos.
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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    Goodmornig guys (now in Italy is 9.20 AM)! I'm Filippo, Carletto's friend.

    Thank you Willith!and thank you for your ideas....

    We 'll post news probably next week!

    So,follow this discussion!

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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    Hi guys,
    Filippo (Zero_lv) an Me are working hard for this project!
    We'll inform you step by step.
    Bye for now!!

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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    yep bronze case & buckle, no chrono dial, GMT would be nice,
    marlin hour and minute hands too

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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    Great idea, bronze, non chrono--definitely interested. Good luck!

    To keep the price down:
    Non-chrono of course
    Use an existing case design, single material (bronze!)--probably the smaller Polluce over the bigger Marlin, just for cost alone
    Use an existing strap
    To make it unique: how about a BRONZE DIAL! And, maybe an OX-BO bezel, like in one of the proto-type pictures in the Polluce article?
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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    How bout' a big bronze chrono. Like a Marlin case, or Polluce Magnum with a thick strap and black/brown option?

    I might even go for the new yellow threaded strap under this design...

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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    That is a great initiative and I am looking forward to reading more.
    I personally would go for a Drass finishing as I think will give more options to explore new solutions (after all the Drass process is made of several layers of work, adding few more might create new solutions). 50 is a small number, but it is also a big number, you will have to come up with a design and a price tag that target the median. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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    Re: Anonimo - Project limited edition!

    Hi guys,

    I'm interested as well...

    Bronze Polluce variation would have my preference, a chrono version would likely be to expensive for me



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