Anonimo's Future - Thoughts? (Panerai like?, stay same?)

Thread: Anonimo's Future - Thoughts? (Panerai like?, stay same?)

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    Anonimo's Future - Thoughts? (Panerai like?, stay same?)

    As we all know, Anonimo went through some financial reorganizations recently. It seems they are trying to make a bigger marketing push and recently I've been seeing a bit more press about them.

    Just wanted to see people's thoughts on the future of Anonimo now. In your opinion, do you think Anonimo gain or achieve" Panerai" type status anytime soon, or even come close? Do we want it to do that? Will the company survive, long term in your opinion?

    I know part of the draw of owning an anonimo is its exclusivity, however I think Panerai's huge "fan base" is defiintely cool in some regards and also helps its resale in the secondary market. (which btw isn't a bad thing).

    In terms of quality, are these watches really comparable, or is one "better" than the other.

    Anyways, just wanted people's and thoughts and opinions on the matter and the brands in general, so post your opinion/comments when you get some time!

    I am personally a fan, just somewhat worried about their future and curious about what its in store for them. Hopefully good things!


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    Re: Anonimo's Future - Thoughts? (Panerai like?, stay same?)

    Same subject as this thread a few weeks ago. I'm closing this and have bumped this thread to the top if you wish to discuss:
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