Baselworld 2015: Anonimo Live Report
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Thread: Baselworld 2015: Anonimo Live Report

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    Baselworld 2015: Anonimo Live Report

    Watchuseek team had an interesting and good visit with the new owners (and new company) Anonimo. The reason I state it was interesting is because owners of Anonimo Firenze watches (yours truly included) have been unhappy for some time due to lack of after sale service and availability of parts. This prompted me to ask the CEO, Frederic Bastiat, a frank question - As the CEO of new company, what can you do to resolve after sale service of Anonimo Firenze?

    Frederic's response actually pleasantly surprised me. He stated that he is committing to support the current owners of Anonimo Firenze despite the lack of parts turned over to his staff. As first step, he has hired the brilliant Achille Rota (from GP) as the new product director. One of the first responsibility of Achille will be to inventory all the Anonimo Firenze parts and if certain parts are not available, to build those parts for supporting the AF owners. As a last resort, if nothing can be done for a certain part, he will offer discount voucher towards the current collection. Current owners should contact after sales service via Anonimo website.

    I want to thank Mike Margolis for arranging this meeting with the CEO and actually encouraging me to ask this hard question first before seeing their current novelties.

    Anonimo has a very straightforward collection and IMHO it is reasonably priced when compared to Anonimo Firenze. The two product lines are Militare Classic and Nautilo (designed by Dino Zei). Only the bronze cases are now made in Firenze - which are very impressive!

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    The NAUTILO case is easily recognisable with its crown positioned at 4 o’clock and reinterprets the classic proportion of this diving style watch, in a contemporary manner. Water resistant at 20 ATM with a large masculine 44 mm case and a pure dial easy to read even in critical environment conditions.

    The new case construction features an innovative structure protecting the crown at 4 o’clock and gives also the possibility to play with bi-colour finishing editions. The blue, silver or black pure dials come with a high quality calf leather strap or a brand new designed Anonimo rubber strap.

    Steel Nautilo is $2,100 and Bronze Nautilo is $3,100.

    Attachment 3351290
    Nautilo watches

    There also an Alpini Limited Edition available in bronze for $5,200 (this is the most expensive watch in the collection).

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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Baselworld 2015: Anonimo Live Report

    Many thanks, for bringing to the attention of the brand thee lack of spare parts.

    One thing, at least for me... If no spare parts can be resolved for sure do not want a discount voucher towards the current collection.

    For real I can't understand how this brand waste their money that way.

    Anonimo Firenze is dead... period. My suggestion to them is start from scratch. Trying to be like The Original hasn't work and will never work.

    Reading this I notice a Third team involved in this venture... based on their experience, I hope they bring something creative to the collectors and not only play with names.

    Thanks Watchuseek for the coverage.
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    I think it's great they have finally addressed the parts issue for Anonimo Firenze owners. At least it sounds reasonable.

    The Militare looks okay. Matter of fact I really like the blue one. But the Nautilo doesn't live up to the old Dino Zei model at all.

    But I tend to agree with Nelson, I'm not sure how they can pull this off. I'll continue to keep an eye on the collection, but I'm still tentative - especially on the Nautilo which is very underwhelming (why not buy a Cobra de Calibre).
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    Re: Baselworld 2015: Anonimo Live Report

    The Bronze militare looks pretty good.

    The Nautilo is nice too but should've been called something else since the old Nautilo is miles better.
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