Buti - relationship with Anonimo?

Thread: Buti - relationship with Anonimo?

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    Buti - relationship with Anonimo?

    Curiosity question here. I notice that Buti watch cases look a lot like Dino Zei cases with some differences in shape and bezel treatment. But there definitely looks to be a family resemblance there. Was there a connection between Anonimo and Buti at one point? Same designers?

    Also, my thanks to David Cypers for trying to make a deal with me on a Dino Zei for my Omega PO. While we didn't come to a deal it was nice having him contact me. (shameless plug, if any of you other Anonimists have a DZ or interesting Anonimo you'd like to trade for a PO drop me a line).

    Anyway, back to Buti. What's the story there, anyone know?



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    I believe that the Anonimo case makers at one point made, or make all the TB Buti cases. Which drives me crazy they are still in business and Anonimo is doing what it is doing.
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    Re: Buti - relationship with Anonimo?

    I heard about that as well. I actually owned a TB Buti Magnum and quality wise it didn't come close to the Dino Zei cases wich had much more heft. I popped of the back wich was secured with a few screws and I didn't really like what I saw. The whole construction just didn't look as solid and as the ANONIMO cases...
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