Farewell old friend...

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    Farewell old friend...

    Sold my Militare Crono, bought it new in 2004....just dropped it in the mail, now I'm having one of those 'what have I just done' moments...
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    Re: Farewell old friend...

    I regret selling mine as well mate...bugger!

    Beautiful watch
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    Re: Farewell old friend...

    Have sold a ton of watches, and most of the time I could care less a few days later. Only once did I have sudden regret, and as luck would have it, it was when I sold my other Anonimo. I feel ya man.

    I went so far as to contact the buyer and ask for it back a short time later, but it was too late. He didn't bond with it and flipped it. Sad day.

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    Re: Farewell old friend...

    i know I won't be selling my nimos

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    Re: Farewell old friend...

    I've owned, and sold, more than 15 Nimos (plus a few I can't remember): Dino Nautilo (champagne dial, bronze case, Professionale (yellow dial), various Polluce, Millemetri, including the trio of bronze cased Polluce, a few different Sailor Divers, etc.

    Do I miss any? I loved the Professionale, but it was just too big and heavy, and bruised my wrist bone every time I wore it (same problem with all 44mm Pams). If I wanted to have kept one Nimo, it would have been the bronze-cased, black dial Polluce, followed by the bronze-cased orange Polluce. However, with replacement parts and some forms of service becoming a major problem with owning virtually any Anonimo, I decided at just the right time to cut and burn, and haven't regretted doing so--after all, these are just watches--and there are lots of great alternatives. So, no, I don't really miss any of them.
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    Re: Farewell old friend...

    I notice that there might be problem with owning a nimo now given the lack of parts and ad to support the old nimo watches. I feel that it can only be a slide down the slope for nimo.

    Probably, this is biggest reason I don't pull trigger on nimo professional GMT. There are a few on fs subforum.

    I will stick with my Pam for now.

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    Re: Farewell old friend...

    Years ago, I owned that model for a few days before returning it. Too hard to read the date.

    Pick up a Sinn 900 instead. It's very cool and far more legible. Plus Sinn still exists.

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