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    First Anonimo watch advice

    I always liked the look of anonimo watches, and these pop up in the sale thread often enough to make a purchase without to much expense.
    What would you guys recommend ? Which ones are your favorite ?
    I have a lot of divers, but I don't want it to look like a tool watch. I want a bit of bling on it :)

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    Re: First Anonimo watch advice

    First, I would advise you NOT to buy an Anonimo--good watches, but many issues, as described here in this forum in great detail. However, if you really think that is how you want to spend your money, the safest bet would be a Millemetri in the dial color of your choice--not very "blingy" but a good solid watch. I would advise against any Militare simply because of the very poor crown system which has a history of problems, many of which can no longer be repaired easily, if at all. The Professionale also has major crown problems.

    Historic Anonimo is not known for bling (as long as you ignore the diamond bezel attempts), but if you want something on the exotic side, try the Notturnale (5th watch from left in the letterhead of the forum)--a beautiful watch, though unlikely to be found used anytime soon. Another good choice might be the Anonimo Dino Zei Nautilo, particularly with the bronze case, and the gold champagne dial. In the following links you can see the Notturnale (1st link) and the Nautilo (2nd link). Best advice, though, is simply to go elsewhere.
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    Re: First Anonimo watch advice

    I'll second timeflea's suggestion of a DZ Nautilo. Like he says, there's nothing really blingy in the Anonimo range but the Dino Zei watches come the closest. It's your call of course whether you want to buy an Anonimo or not. Parts may or may not be easy to come by. The movements though are standard ETAs so easy enough for a watchmaker to service. If you are up for it, there are good deals to be had. Try WatchRecon for example and see what's out there. Good luck! John

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    First Anonimo watch advice

    I find the blingiest pieces in the lineup either the Nottyrnale as already mentioned above, one of the Polluce Au or Day Date Au gold and SS versions, or perhaps even one of the Pro or Dino Zei models.

    The Militare also treads the line of bling and utility due to its wrist presence which I personally love, though I'd stay away from the manual wind versions for crown issues as mentioned above.

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