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    gold metri

    About six months ago I received a ss millemetri with black dial and bracelet. I thought I would flip it but it ended up on my writs more and more often. It just feels so good on the wrist. I have gotten this idea in my head that the millemetri would look really cool in gold, perhaps even with a gold mesh bracelet. Is there any way of having a gold case custom made? Can I dip a stainless case in gold without permanently harming it? Let me know if my idea is foolish or if its worth a shot.

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    Re: gold metri

    Anything done to coat or plate the case will require disassembly. You would need to know the tolerances between the pieces to know if plating or coating them would still fit together plus accommodate any gasket seating areas. As far as milling out a new solid gold case do you have a gold bar laying around? If you are truly serious Anonimo would be one of few brands who might take this on, but it might be cheaper to build your own in house movement.
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    Re: gold metri

    Michael answer is great--but I would add that there is a process of gold PVD that can be applied to a SS case (and yes, complete dis-assembly would be required), it would cost just a bit more than the regular PVD processing. It may take some work tracking down who might actually be able to do it, but I have seen finished pieces, they look pretty good, though I personally don't quite see a gold cased Anonimo myself--I think the gold bezel is about as far as I could go. Good luck!

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