Heads-up to all you Anonimo Aficionados
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Thread: Heads-up to all you Anonimo Aficionados

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    Heads-up to all you Anonimo Aficionados

    If your Nimo needs repair or servicing like mine did, save some time and money by not sending it to govbergwatchrepairs.com. You may already know this, but I'm kind of new here, so please forgive me if I'm telling you old stuff. I needed work done on the stem of my Small Seconds model and Googled for help. Govberg popped up as a place that serviced and repaired Nimos. I went to the web site, registered and filled out the necessary info to send in my watch. Yes, there was a special page for Nimo repairs. So I send my watch in and wait. After a week they send me an email, telling me they do not repair Anonimo watches. Back to the web site, and I click on a tab that says "Brands We Repair." Anonimo is not on the list. But wait a minute. There's a page to fill out for Anonimo watch repairs. Would that lead someone to believe they service Nimos? Well, it did me. I should have launched a full-scale investigation, but I didn't think it necessary. It cost $20 to have my watch returned to me. End of story. I hope this saves someone from making the same mistake I did. Eventually I sent the watch into About Time in Dana Point. As soon as they got the watch, they gave me a call to tell me they were on it. It may be that Govberg used to repair Nimos but quit when Anonimo went under due to the unavailability of proprietary parts, and that they never bothered to update their web site. Whatever the problem, be advised and thanks for reading.
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    Re: Heads-up to all you Anonimo Aficionados

    Good to know thanks. They really should be more proactive in updating their website.
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