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    A little help


    Forgive me if this is a repeat but I was hoping someone can tell me a little more about this brand. If I read right, the brand was started by the same designer who worked for Panerai. It was after the company was bought out that he left and started Anonimo. Is that right? Close?

    There are a couple of older models that I like but have rapidly fallen for the newer Nautilo and Militare models. Where can you buy these other than online? Any stores or boutiques? Price range?

    Thank you for any information you can shed.

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    Re: A little help

    Exquisite Timepieces in FL stocks them.

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    Re: A little help

    I believe the there were two waived of designs to Anonimo in US. The initial Anonimo started back in around 2005/6. There were popular and as an alternative to Panerai and was priced about the same or just a little below Panerai. As the brand in US become more mature, there was lacking of customer support. It takes FOREVER to get parts. The importer would not answer question. If the screw comes out of the case (on the Militare) you will have to wait 2-3 month to get it replaced if you are lucky. Eventually, it lost its popularity in US. Some people still like it a lot, but the prices continues to drop. Few year ago, they came out with new designs which gave the brand a little boost but many collectors still fearful of the customer support so here we are. Just my $0.02
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