My Nimo Gets A Facelift

Thread: My Nimo Gets A Facelift

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    My Nimo Gets A Facelift

    just got this bracelet from germany.really like it a lot.just not sure it matches 100%

    here's a few pics.

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    Re: My Nimo Gets A Facelift

    Interesting design... if you high polish the bezel would be nice in order to match the bracelet... i saw before one pro with the bezel high polished and looks very nice remember the Anonimo Bracelet the sides is a High polish finish.

    I like it.... congratulations.

    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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    Re: My Nimo Gets A Facelift

    Nice, I think it works, although not quite as good-looking as Anonimo's. Wish someone would copy Anonimo's bracelet since as we all know, they are big $$.
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    Re: My Nimo Gets A Facelift

    Not bad! Very creative!

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