pls Mr. Federico can you see my issue?

Thread: pls Mr. Federico can you see my issue?

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    pls Mr. Federico can you see my issue?

    Mr. Federico I been in love with the brand and i think on Anonimo as a family but the treat me like a little boy and i want respect and professionalism, why David dont tell me this was a exhibition model ? As a customer i deserve respect i bought a brand new watch ... what happen in Anonimo? i hear before really bad histories but i think this was in the past not today and the worst is you guys still with the same problem of manufacturing issues
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    Re: pls Mr. Federico can you see my issue?

    Well my friend I'm feeling really bad for all this, I can't describe the sensation i have right now... Pls moderator may be you can do something for the member of our Famiglia.

    THings like that can't happen... i don't understand.

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    Re: pls Mr. Federico can you see my issue?

    He is in communication with Anonimo and per the other thread we really don't know the whole story yet. I am not the factory rep here just the forum moderator so there is nothing I can do. Since we are not certain about both sides of this conversation I'm thinking of closing this down . If someone sold him a demo model without disclosing it then that would be between the seller and the OP. This sounds more like what has happened, but I really don't know. These are my biggest fear on ebay then the possibility of a fake.
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    Re: pls Mr. Federico can you see my issue?

    Good decision which I fully support. Maybe it's best for ckhouse to take this offline and stay in touch with Anonimo. Publishing it here does not help making the situation any better imo. It's unfortunate to happen though.
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