Professionale crown end piece came off??

Thread: Professionale crown end piece came off??

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    Professionale crown end piece came off??

    Haven't been around much of late - seems to be a lot of stuff going on here? Anyway, curious if anyone here has seen or knows how the round piece 'end'/tip of the crown is attached to the Professionale GMT stem - seems it came off, not exactly sure how, (wasn't me, so can't see exactly what happened), but it was able to be 'pushed' back on?? The watch was rarely even worn. Never heard of would think if it was removable, it would be screwed on/threaded? Assumed it was one it just glued or soldered on there?? Thanks!
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    Get you watch to a visit a watchmaker had same issue one time and cost me 60 bucks to get new stem replaced work was done same day. For sure is broken stem from crown again easy fix.

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