Question about the Movement and Power Reserve

Thread: Question about the Movement and Power Reserve

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    Question about the Movement and Power Reserve


    Wanted to get some advice or info from you guys if you don't mind My Professionale from what I have read has a power reserve of around 40 hours fully wound if I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I am wrong. It seems though if my Professionale is fully wound and I don't wear it for 24 hours that it winds out well before the 40 hours. Is this a major movement issue or problem? It keeps great time while wound and being worn but I was trying to figure out why it would it is not staying active for the full 40 hur power reserve and only appears to be a reserve of around 24+ hours. Thanks a bunch for any advice or wisdom on this It is not a big deal to me but if there is a movement issue then I would want to get it resolved while still under warranty. I was not sure if there was a rather easy explanation or specific reason a movement of any type, not just being narrowed down to Anonimo would not keep its full 40 hour +/- power reserve fully wound. I know all seems fine with the movement because it is at least getting close to 24 hours fully wound and the time is fine.

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    Re: Question about the Movement and Power Reserve

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