Some comments on my Anonimo's after having had them

Thread: Some comments on my Anonimo's after having had them

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    Some comments on my Anonimo's after having had them

    Have always loved Anonimos ever since I first saw my first nimo, the Militare about 3years ago. Since then I've picked up two Anonimo's in the past 2 weeks.

    I've been rotating between my HiDive OxPro and Professionale a fair bit since I got them with most of my other watches not getting much wrist time.

    That said, I must comment on two things that I must say "irk" me slightly for these pieces. I know some have said that Anonimo don't put AR on their crystals to keep with the "vintage" feel of their pieces. I would humbly disagree that they should continue this practice.

    Of all the pieces I have, the lack of AR on the crystals really kills the beauty of the dials and detracts away from the experience with the reflections i get off them. Especially on the Professionale which has gorgeous textured dial, AR would certainly benefit the watch. We arn't talking double sided Omega/Breitling style "no-glass" apparent sort of AR, but a light coating would help heaps, especially at this price point.

    For the HiDive OxPro, I guess its a matter of getting used to it, but the size is a little small for me. Its the overall thickness that gets a little too small for my personal liking, so I'll put that down to preferences. The Professionale wears amazingly well, my only wish is that it was on 24mm lug width like the San Marco etc. I now need to rebuy a bunch of straps in 22mm that I already have in 24mm for my PAMs.

    Anyhow, still loving my dance with the Anonimo's, on the lookout for a bronze black face Polluce and generally very pleased with them in the watchbox. Truly a hidden and under appreciated brand. The level of case finishing and the different finishes apparent on the Professionale is amazing.

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    Re: Some comments on my Anonimo's after having had them

    I feel the same about the AR because if they want the old style look can be applied the Clear AR no coloration on it, the DIals are just amazing, but the good thing is ANONIMO is always looking around for opinions and feelings from the ANonimists.

    Thanks for share your feelings.

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