Springbars for my Nimo?

Thread: Springbars for my Nimo?

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    Springbars for my Nimo?

    As you all know, changing straps is a PITA. Was thinking about switching over to springbars, at least until I can find the right strap for my Millemetri.

    Anyone done this? If so, what thickness? Anyone tried curved springbars (can't believe how short the lugs are on this watch).

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: Springbars for my Nimo?

    I got my new Millemetri yesterday, and immediately removed the Kodiak strap and put it on a 22mm brushed Watchadoo 'Lumpy'. Looks good (to me at least). The screws fit the new Lumpies, and I've got a pair of 'fat' Seiko spring bars that work as well, so maybe that's the way for you to go, too. Whatever, wear it in good health - and a Merry Christmas to all Nimo fans!
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    Re: Springbars for my Nimo?

    Junior, nice to hear that, pls can you share some pictures?


    <img src=https://forums.watchuseek.com/picture.php?albumid=1487&pictureid=12078 border=0 alt= />

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    Re: Springbars for my Nimo?

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    Re: Springbars for my Nimo?

    Panatime has these that are just springbars but one end is slotted so it looks like a screw! Ive got some for 24mm straps but i need to see if the end that looks like a screw will fit in the drilled lug hole, other end is fine and Anonimo seems to make the smallest dia. screwbars and screws! If they work it would be a simple way to change straps and still look like its a screw on one end!


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