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    Strap Question

    I just purchased my first Anonimo (Millemeteri) the other day and want to pair it with an Anonimo Black Kodiak Calfskin with White Stitch. This is my first BIG watch purchase. I've been eying Anonimo for a couple years now and super exicted for this peice. Couple questions:

    1. What is the price? Don't see a price list on the Anonimo USA site.
    2. Where is the best place to buy (price, timely service, etc) I'm located in Chicago.
    3. What size should I get? I have a 7.5in wrist. I notice that they come in 3 sizes below:

    Standard Strap - Variety of colors listed below 205 mm/7.75 in
    Short - Black and tan only 195 mm/7.25 in
    Long - Black only 220 mm/8.25 in


    I'll post some pics when my masterpiece is complete.

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    Re: Strap Question

    The standard strap should fit you fine. You will probably have to buy the strap online - there is one guy on here selling Anonimo straps at a discount (check out the straps forum). Also, can be found on ebay, and I believe Anonimo USA will sell you one direct (I believe they run around $150, but not positive on that).
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    Re: Strap Question

    The retail price is $250 but may be price is higher now.

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