what the position of brand ?
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Thread: what the position of brand ?

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    what the position of brand ?

    hey friends! what is the rating of the Anonimo watch is ? for example by the level of prestige?

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    Re: what the position of brand ?

    Is "RIP" an option ??

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    Re: what the position of brand ?

    Like so many brands discussed here, one would not buy an Anonimo for brand prestige. Instead, one would likely buy for a look and feel.
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    Re: what the position of brand ?

    Anonimo FIRENZE is gone. When it was around I would liken it to Ventura, Perrelet, and of course Panerai. They were definitely upper mid-scale and still try to be. Whereas Anonimo Firenze used to market around its inherent rarity and in-house cases and construction, the new deal is a little more dubious.

    Many believe the picture below represents what is going on with Anonimo S.A. It's a little weird right now!!!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: what the position of brand ?

    You know how folks slow down while passing the scene of an auto accident? Those same folks just zip past a Nimo at this point, no longer even worth a second glance.

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    Re: what the position of brand ?

    This is quite unfortunate. The core models where solid watches with nice case work and some interesting engineering
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