*U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR
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Thread: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

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    *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    Here are some detailed photos of the Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR, a limited edition model announced by Casio at Baselworld 2019, released in Japan and Asia in April, with Casio America announcing a May release.

    Name:  01.jpg
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    Boxing is pretty standard fare, with a black outer cardboard box and black rubberized watch box, similar to what we have seen in the past with higher end Master-of-G and MT-G models.

    Name:  02.jpg
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    Here is the GWR-B1000X in all its carbon glory. It is differentiated from other GWR-B1000 models by the carbon composite dial, whose three subdials (day/mode, world time, AM/PM) act as solar panels. Impressive energy efficiency.

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    According to Casio, "buttons, button pipes, case internal fixing rings, and other metal parts exposed to outside air are made of strong, lightweight, and highly rust resistant titanium alloy." The buttons are very nicely textured, and fit and finish is top notch.

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    A second differentiator from other GWR-B1000 models is the "red brand coloring embedded in the carbon bezel layers," which for me was the signature design element that sealed the deal.

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    The keeper is stainless steel with a black IP coating and brushed finish. (I'm still not really a fan of these metal keepers, which are easily scratched, and would have preferred a black CF keeper.)

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    The carbon monocoque case and bezel have a smooth matte finish that is nice to the touch. The caseback is also one we've never seen before on a G as it cannot be opened, hence no need for unisightly screws. It's a clean, futuristic look.

    You collectors out there will also note that this model is not individually numbered, so as usual nobody has any idea how many of these will be made (shrewd marketing on Casio's part).

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    The buckle is stainless steel with a polished black IP coating.

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    First time we've seen a "Rust Resist" designation on a Gravitymaster. Pretty cool. Also, these metal lug protectors appear to be made of titanium alloy and have a slightly rough industrial finish that is quite nice to the touch.

    Name:  10.jpg
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    Obligatory wrist shot. CF + Ti = very lightweight.

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    The sapphire crystal is slightly domed and has one of the most intense AR coatings I've seen on any watch.

    Name:  12.jpg
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    The third differentiator from other GWR-B1000 models is the red lining on the "in-dial ring," which is easy to miss but a killer design element.

    Name:  13.jpg
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    The lighting is provided by a high-brightness LED located between 5 and 6-o'clock, which Casio calls their "Super Illuminator with afterglow." I haven't been a big fan of these LEDs in the past, but on this watch it appears to effectively and evenly light up the indices.

    Well, that's about it. Thanks for reading and looking as always my fellow F17 friends and fiends.
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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    A beauty that is now on my very short list.....thanks. Beautiful shots and unboxing.
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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    Thanks for the write up and photos. Enjoy your new piece.
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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    Quite a beauty kubr1ck. Thanks for sharing and enjoy.
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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    that is one sweet looking watch the black and red is my favourite colour way . unless casio pull something really special out of the bag im going to say this is surely going to be the best release of the year imo ,just so different to anything else at the moment not sure I have the funds to buy one but hopefully there will be a good supply so I can get saving . great unboxing
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    *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    Big Congrats @kub1ck ... Also posting the first unboxing tread on F17 and being the first owner of this Gravitymaster ( even coincidentally as you mentioned b4 ) is quite something Enjoy to the fullest ! Thanks for sharing .. A beauty

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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    muy bonito felicidades
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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    Thank you! Very nice fotos and text!
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    Re: *U*N*B*O*X*I*N*G* -- Gravitymaster GWR-B1000X-1AJR

    Really impressive stuff - great write up, photos and watch. I'm definitely interested in this one...

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